Secure by Default

Data is one of your most valuable assets, and deserves to be protected, private, and secure. All data flowing through Delimited, including the uploaded files as well as any configuration that you make, is encrypted at rest and in transit using 256-bit AES encryption and SSL communication. All user-uploaded data is stored temporarily to ensure resilience but is permanently removed after 30 days.

Public vs. Private

Remember that by pasting an upload widget onto your web application, you are allowing anyone with access to that page to upload data to Delimited and to your configured destinations. If you put an upload widget onto a public page, you should be prepared to receive data from anyone.

Also keep in mind that you are billed based on used data; putting an uploader widget on a public page may have unintended consequences if you are not prepared to restrict traffic.

Securing Your Destinations


Some tips for security for your HTTP API destination can be found on the API Integration documentation.